Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spreading Sunshine

In the blogging world there are little awards bloggers like to pass on to other blogs, and in return you are supposed to do the same. Pussdaddy passed this award on to me and I'm supposed to pass it along to 12 other bloggers but I don't think I even know 12 other bloggers to pass it along to. But it looks sunshiny and happy sitting up there, so thank you, puss!

It's the sunshine award for blogs that are uplifting? and spread sunshine? I don't think my blog quite fits the criteria, but what the heck, maybe it will inspire me to be a little more cheery in my posts.

So, if you have a blog that is sunshiny sometimes, go ahead and grab the picture up there and consider yourself tagged because this morning I am just too lazy to try and find some blogs to tag with it and link to which I don't even know how to do yet because I'm lazy like that.

Funny, Keith and I were just talking about chain letters and pyramid shemes, and I guess blog awards are the new chain letters since nobody writes on paper anymore and nobody sends mail that needs a stamp on it. We got onto the subject because we were talking about Bernie Madhoff and how he must have been the best con man ever to dupe so many people and steal so much money, which lead us to small time cons like the one where you put an ad in the paper for work at home stuffing envelopes, send me $1.00 for instructions. Then when you send your $1.00 the instructions are to put an ad in the paper for people to send you $1.00 for instructions on how to work at home stuffing envelopes, and on and on. Nobody ever turns anyone else in because it's only $1.00 and they feel stupid for falling for it, but hey, if you get enough people to send you $1.00 you could end up with a nice little pile of cash there. In fact, I was wondering how I could get everyone in Bakersfield to send me $1.00, with a population of 300,000 people that would indeed be a nice pile of cash.

Then we got to talking about chain letters, I remember getting one when I was 10 or so where you were supposed to send a picture postcard to all the people on the list, cross off the top name, add yours to the bottom, send it to ten other people, and by the time you got to the top of the list, you'd get thousands of picture postcards from all over the world. I broke that chain because I didn't even know ten other people to send it on to. I think there was one involving handkerchiefs, too, and then when I was older I remember a pot holder one or dishtowels or something like that. But, I broke the chains on all of them, and maybe that's the whole problem, I could have been filthy rich or loaded down with postcards and pot holders if only I hadn't broken the chain!


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

"Sunshine award"? Ah ha ha ha!!! Well, you do make us laugh.
At first when I was reading the chain letter stuff, I thought you said pot chain letter. Then I saw the word holder. If you get a pot chain letter lemme know, k? Since I had to do that illegal little thing around Thanksgiving for the chemo patient...

Anonymous said...

hey congrats on the blog award!


PussDaddy said...

You are welcome geelizzie. I post on your blog a lot. Don't worry about it you don't know 12 people, it's ok. And it is rather chain letter-y IMHO, a gift with obligations, lol.