Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Weekend

Gone by with not much done around here.

We had to do grocery shopping after paying all the bills and ended up going to three different stores. Vons on Friday night for stuff they had on sale, like oranges and a huge package of london broil for 9.00. I'm talking huge, I cut it all up into four pieces and put it in the freezer for four future meals along with a package of chicken breasts that were on sale and a big roast that was on sale. The roast was so big that it also got cut up into two pieces for two different meals.

Then Saturday was Winco for all the staples and some pork chops. I tried this recipe for pork chops that you brown and then simmer in apple juice last night, but was unimpressed and won't do that again. Not that they tasted bad, just kind of blah. Saturday night I did a recipe for quick chicken noodle soup where you use the already cooked rotisserie chicken which came out okay but also kind of blah. I used whole wheat pasta in it for some extra fiber. I didn't save that recipe either. Whenever I try a new recipe that just isn't all that great Keith always makes suggestions for adding things to it to make it less blah but I figure if the recipe doesn't impress us the first time around there is no sense in trying to doctor it up to make it taste better.

Sunday morning we went to get gas and hit Trader Joes for their lunch meat and cheese and these really good olive oil tortillas that we got last time we were there. I'm hoping that after going to three stores we will have enough eats to last until next payday.

We wasted $14.00 on going to the Home and Garden show at the fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon. We haven't done anything in so long we thought it would be a treat to get out for a little while but the show was as unimpressive as the chicken soup. I wanted to get a coffee drink but when I saw the long line and the prices at the only coffee/cinnamon roll stand that was there I figured I could go without coffee. The cinnamon rolls smelled really good, though. Then Keith saw the beer stand but I wouldn't let him spend $5.00 on a cup of Coors light, I told him he could wait and get a whole six pack for that $5.00.

The only really interesting parts of the show were the koi fish that they always have in big plastic pools and the greyhound dogs. You could even adopt a fish, starting at $5.00 for the little bitty ones. They had a couple that were about 2 feet long, just huge! You could also adopt a greyhound, all rescued hounds from dog racing. They were beautiful dogs, very friendly and calm, and incredibly soft fur. The lady said that they probably wouldn't get along too well with our cats, though, after all those years of chasing but never getting that rabbit.

Keith was going to do some more work on the kitchen on Sunday but got sidetracked by the overgrown mess in the back yard so he weeded and cut the grass/slash weeds. Someday we will have enough money to finish the back yard along with all the other unfinished projects around here. Hopefully anyway.

After a week of warm spring weather we have a cold front moving in with some sprinkles and a chilly wind blowing right now and rain forecast off and on this week. That's fine with me, we definitely need that water and we're already dreading the hot summer to come.


PussDaddy said...

Oh my husband loves london broil. We had a great weekend although I haven't blogged about it yet. I was saving it for a bit as I have so many new posts right now.

We have dog racing here and I hate it. I made the mistake of letting my in-laws talk me into going once against my better judgment. My dog ended up cramping all up and having to limp off the track and I damn near hyperventilated I was so upset about it. I said never again. Plus they just throw these dogs away when they are no longer good for racing. That is why there are so many rescues for them now.


PussDaddy said...

I was given this Sunshine Blog award, and I have to pass it on to 12 people.

I chose you because I like reading your blog and enjoy you as a person. A lot of people don't like to mess with it, and I can understand that so don't feel obligated. I did put a lot of thought into who I passed it on to though if that means anything. I hope you accept it. Have a wonderful day,