Monday, January 18, 2010

Ur Doin It Wrong

Yesterday I was browsing around on the computer because it was, once again, kind of a boring weekend and we did have a rainy afternoon (more on that later) but anyway, I was perusing blogs and such and I found out that we have been preventing good fortune from coming into our house because we leave our shoes lined up inside the front door.

Remember feng shui? The ancient Chinese secret to allowing good vibes and harmony into your life and home? The words that you don't know how to pronounce and think it sounds kind of like feng shooey until someone more mystical tells you it's fung shway?

Anyway, according to feng shui lore, leaving your shoes lined up inside your front door, your portal to good fortune or something like that, is not a good thing to do. You are supposed to take your shoes off when you enter your home for good feng shui BUT PUT THEM IN A CLOSET NOT LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY LAY! Also, your home looks neater if you don't leave your shoes laying around.

So, that's what's been wrong with us all these years, the shoes lined up inside the door. We are now going to take them off but actually pick them up and put them on top of the dryer which is inside a closet. Because whoever built this house didn't think that you need a coat closet in California. Because it's always so sunny and warm here that you don't need coats, much less a coat closet. So, we'll put our shoes inside the washer and dryer closet in the kitchen so that our fortunes will be better this year. If we remember. Which we probably won't. And if we do remember then we'll forget where we put our shoes and be wandering around the house looking for them.

But we'll try. Plus it will lessen the chances for home accidents because we won't be tripping over our shoes.

And now for the rain. The promised rain. It really did start raining yesterday afternoon, right when Keith decided he'd better mow the lawn and put some fertilizer on it because it's looking kind of brown and peaked, not to mention shaggy. So, he mowed the lawn in the rain.

We had a good long gentle rain all afternoon and part of the evening and it's supposed to rain all week, but so far today we're just having hurricane force winds which are blowing all the rain clouds away, so we'll see how that goes.

I was really bored on Saturday afternoon so I went over to my new favorite used bookstore, the Goodwill bookstore, where I still think they need a Starbucks, and wow, did I score! Not only did I get some more books to read (85c for paperback, 95 for hardback) but I also found some 1958 vintage Little Golden Books! (55c each!)


Campbell Jane said...

I'm grabbing 2 pairs of shoes right now & throwing them in the closet!! I leave them by the front door too!

PussDaddy said...

And here I thought I didn't have any good luck because I am a mean old grouchy grump person and don't deserve any.


jomamma said...

I was just about to sell off some old Golden Books. That means I'll get about a quarter each for them. :-P

geelizzie said...

jomamma, put your golden books on ebay, you'll get more than a quarter there, especially if they are vintage.

jomamma said...

I'll have to do that, they are mostly from the early 60's.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! That explains why we've been broke here too! We both have shoes and slippers all over the house! And yes we trip on them all the time. I tell my husband that he must be setting traps because he's notorious for leaving them smack in the middle of the walk ways around here... gah!

jomamma said...

I don't have a problem with the shoes by the door. But I do have a front door that lines up with my back door and all my luck, prosperity, health, charm and good looks just go in the front door out the back across the alley, between the two houses out back, across the street, through that house that is built on the same floor plan as mine, and so on and so on..... The only feng I'm going to get will involve a moving van.