Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mimi Hiding

This is how Mimi hides from the vacuum cleaner.

Not such a good job.

Last weekend Keith took another feral cat to the pound and almost came home with way more cats than he took. He was waiting outside the gate for them to come get the cat and a man came up with four identical kittens in a cage, four kittens who were all tame, four kittens that the people who used to live in the house the man had just rented had left behind. Keith got the whole story, how the cats were so friendly that the man could just pick them right up, and the only reason he didn't keep the four was because his wife was allergic to cats. He had tried to find a home for them with no luck so had no choice but to bring them to the pound hoping that someone would adopt them.

Well, Keith knew that if he brought home these four kittens he would be in big big trouble because there is no way we could afford four more cats no matter how cute they were. It's been really bothering him ever since, though, the thought of these four poor little kitties possibly not getting adopted, and we all know what happens to little kitties who don't get adopted down at the pound. He has such a soft heart for animals and as he says, he may be an asshole but at least he is good to animals!

There was a story on the news the other night about the tremendous amount of unwanted and feral animals that are brought to the pound here each year, and the tremendous amount of animals that have to be destroyed each year, and please please, people, get your cats and dogs spayed or neutered! The story said that only one out of six animals brought to the pound are adopted, the rest go to the big cat box or dog park in the sky. Sad.

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Anonymous said...

Well, remind your husband that there are plenty of animal lovers out there who are loyal to their local humane societies... I'm sure those little fur-babies have already found good homes considering how cute they are and how easy they are to handle and such. no worries!