Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Whatever

I have no real topic today, but I did wake up this morning mad at Keith because of a dream that I had last night where he rented us an apartment ( I have no idea why he rented us an apartment when we already have a house, but anyway) an apartment that cost $2000.00 a month. In the dream the apartment was really nice with big windows, wood floors, two bedrooms, a huge laundry room, and back steps that led to a little yard. You could see the ocean from all of the big windows and in the dream I was really excited to see the ocean but then he wouldn't tell me how much the rent was until the landlord came to get the rent and then he said it was $2000.00! Actually that's probably cheap for anywhere you get a view of the ocean, but there was no way we could afford the rent in the dream. Or in real life.

We heard on the news the other night that Sam's Club is going to be laying off the employees that give out the samples and hiring outside workers to do the sample giving instead. That stinks! The poor people that give out the samples probably make minimum wage at best and are just trying to earn a few bucks there, but if Walmart doesn't have these people on their payroll then they don't have to pay any benefits to them and the bottom line looks better to the stockholders. If I shopped at Sam's Club I'd boycott them, but since I don't shop there in the first place and don't belong to their Club, my continuing to not shop there won't make much of a difference. I'm surprised they don't just do away with the sample giving altogether but then they'd really see a boycott because I think most of the people who shop there just go for the free lunch they can make out of all the samples. The news story said it would only affect about 20 people here in Bakersfield, but when you multiply that 20 people by the sheer number of Sam's Clubs around the country, that's a lot of people out of work. Even if it was a crappy underpaid job.

I think my 15 minutes of Etsy Finds fame is over, but it was a good run while it lasted. I had a good couple of days of sales there. I did sell some of the new ceramic tile coasters that I was working on. Like these here.

I like how they've been coming out and the cost is minimal, but I think I'm going to use wood for future ones, no worries about breakage with wood and it's much lighter so much cheaper to ship. The company that I get wholesale wood pieces from has 4" squares for about 50c each, the ceramic tiles are 16c each, so just a little more in cost for the wood.

We were in the grocery store the other day and I found a package of plastic ocean toys and since the plastic horse pendants have been selling (thanks, Etsy Finds) I got them to do pendants.

I've never seen a purple whale before.

I'm kind of partial to the hermit crab, I think he's pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

You're getting really good with that resin miss! And I like the crab too, he's pretty darn cute!

PussDaddy said...

I do like your coasters.