Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm In Etsy Finds!

Whoa! Today I've gotten a couple of sales despite not doing any listing since Thursday, basically ignoring my shop for the most part, and I was just considering it good luck or whatever and then I went to check my shop hearts (people who favorite your shop) and there were 24 new hearts for today. What the heck? Usually I'll get one or two per day, tops. Was I on the front page, was I featured in someone's blog? What's going on here? I know it's not from listing new items because I HAVEN'T LISTED ANYTHING!

So, what's up? And how did this happen?

I checked this great website where you can type in your shop name and it will tell you if you've been featured somewhere, and whaddya know, I made it into the Etsy Finds for today! The Etsy Finds is a daily or weekly, not sure which, email that goes out to everyone who has signed up for it. I've never been on it before and stopped subscribing to it after I got bored with it (because I was never on it!), but now I'm wishing I had kept subscribing because that would have been exciting indeed to get that email today!

Anyway, I tried to figure out how to do a screen shot but you need the paint program or something which I don't have, so a link to the etsy finds will have to do. Keep scrolling and you'll see one of my plastic horse pendants way down on the right.

Wish I could be in the Etsy Finds everyday!


Little Waltz said...

Congrats! I've been hoping that one day I will be in etsy finds or a random storque article as well. Good job for getting featured!

Broken China Treasures said...

Congratulations! Don't it feel good to be recognized??

Anonymous said...

Hey that's so cool! I always wonder where my views come from sometimes too... I don't pay nearly as much attention to any of it as I used to.

Congrats on the feature and the sales!