Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Victim of the Recession

Yesterday evening we decided to go up the road to our local Movie Gallery and rent a movie to watch last night. Apparently it's been a long time since we rented a movie, and it's probably all our fault since we haven't rented in so long, but the Movie Gallery was nothing but an empty storefront with a big sign on the door that said they had closed as of Dec 17. They had two other still open locations listed on the sign but they are both all the way across town and this is a big town and I'm not about to drive to the other side of town just to rent The Hangover.

I feel bad for all the kids that worked at Movie Gallery because now they have joined the unemployment lines with so many other people.

Anyway, I won't patronize Blockbuster anymore because the last time we went there to get movies they told us that all the movies were only one day rentals, and I'm sorry but if I'm paying 4 or 5 dollars to rent a dang movie from you I'd like to be able to keep it for more than one day.

So, we were right next to Save Mart where they have a Red Box movie rental machine. We've been a little hesitant to rent from Red Box because Keith is so paranoid about his debit card number getting stolen or something, and rightly so, but we decided to give Red Box a try.

It's awesome! You pick out your movie, swipe your debit card, and push a few buttons, and voila, your movie pops out on the side of the machine and home you go to watch a movie. For only $1.00 plus tax! Less than a cup of coffee!

The only bad thing was that both movies that we got (The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds) were kind of scratched up looking and one of them skipped at the beginning, but for $1.00, you can't expect all that much because you get what you pay for, don't you know.

Anyway, we watched both movies last night and will return them today because if you keep them longer than a day that little $1.00 will quickly multiply into more dollars. We enjoyed both of them, but I think I expected much more out of them after all the hype and awards and all that. Inglorious Basterds was different and a good movie, but parts of it with all the conversations and dialogue seemed to drag a little.

So, from now on, looks like it will be Red Box for us. Of course Red Box and Netflix is why Movie Gallery had to shut it's doors, but hey, that's the way capitalism and free enterprise work.

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Anonymous said...

We rent from RedBox too, and found out recently that you can rent and return movies to any machine. Just a tip, because we tried to return a movie a while back and the machine was broken when we got there... we didn't want to get charged more dollars for being late and waiting for the next day, etc... so we called the 800# and they said you can return them to any machine. So that's good to know. You can rent redbox movies while you're traveling if you want, watch them, and return them in another state if you feel like it. Kinda cool ay? :)