Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bye Bye Stumps and Hello Porta Potty

Well, old Stumpy with his stub of a tail is on his way to the big cat box in the sky today. Poor thing, his tail stump was getting really nasty looking and he just didn't look too happy these days. We were trying to catch all the kittens this morning by putting their food into the cat trap and holding the door open hoping they would all go inside and we could shut the door on them and take them to the pound. Not that we really want to take them to the pound but our neighbors complained to the homeowner's association and they sent us a nice little letter about feeding the strays and where we could rent or buy traps to take them away. We know which neighbor complained, they just moved in a little while ago and are not very pleasant people. If they had just talked to us first we would have explained to them that we are trying to lure the cats into getting used to coming to our yard for food, eventually getting them in the trap and off to the pound.

Anyway, I'm holding the door to the trap open in the early morning hours, cold, damp, and foggy outside, and Bandit goes right in and is happily munching away while the other two kittens are circling the outside of the trap in total confusion, never venturing inside. So we pick up Bandit after he climbs back out of the trap and put him in the cardboard cat carrier, set the trap with food and go inside. We had seen Stumpy eyeing the food from across the street and about 3 minutes later he was inside the trap. In the meantime Bandit managed to get the top of the cardboard carrier open and ran off. So, we'll keep trying with the kittens and the mama cat. We didn't want to take one kitten at a time because the pound is all the way across town and the trip uses up a lot of gas.

Keith did go by the spca to see if they would take Bandit but they don't have a volunteer vet on staff right now to give the kittens their shots and without the shots they can't put them in the cattery. The woman at the spca did say to keep checking back with them to see if they got a vet in and can take little old Bandit. He would make a great pet for someone (just not us, we just can't take on another cat right now) and it's a shame that he would have to go to the pound.

And now for the porta potty. We were driving by the construction site for the new CVS pharmacy down the road and noticed a porta potty sitting right by the road on the very edge of the site. Right by the road with the door facing the street. I'm like that's kind of embarrassing for the guys having to use the porta potty right where all the traffic going by can see them going in and out. Keith says he would sit on the pot with the door open waving at everyone going by. Ha ha.

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