Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas. Balls.

Ho, ho, ho, or something like that.

I was on the etsy forums the other day and read a post about how delicious cake balls were. I guess cake balls are the new cupcakes or something, and they are supposedly easy to make and yummy and all that. Basically you take a box of cake mix, bake it up, get a can of frosting, crumble up the cake and mix in the frosting, make little balls and then dip them into the chocolate bark coating stuff for candies. Sounds good, right? Cake and frosting and chocolate candy coating, can't go wrong with that, right?


Okay, the baking and crumbling part was easy, mixing it all up fairly easy, but the trying to get sticky cake and frosting formed into balls, not so much. The recipe tells you to use a melon baller or scoop, but the sticky cake sticks into the melon baller, so I ended up using my hands to roll up the balls, kind of like playing with play doh only messier and stickier.

Then, dipping them into the candy coating stuff was not exactly a piece of cake, either-haha piece of cake, get it? Even though I stuck all the balls into the freezer for a while, they still left crumbs in the coating stuff, maybe I should have just gone with all chocolate instead of white coating.

So, this is what I ended up with.

Not exactly something you would find in a fine chocolatier's shop, is it?

And, how did they taste? Chocolate cake, frosting, candy coating has to taste good regardless of how they look, right?


If you like really really moist cake, you might like these, but to me they were like eating wet cake. Flavorless wet cake. Keith tried them and only got halfway through one. They went into the trash can. Yuck.

So much for making holiday treats this year. Balls.

Last night we were both feeling a little depressed over our lack of holiday festivities and were talking about how we don't really have any traditions that the two of us do or anything. So we talked about next year doing something like stockings for each other (depending on if this year is more prosperous of course) or finding some other little thing that we could do each year. I suggested starting a tradition of driving around to look at the Christmas lights on the houses, and why not start that now? So, I'm cleaning up after dinner so we can go look at the holiday lights and Keith says why not put all the cats in the car so they can see the lights, too? So, I had to explain how putting all the cats in the car doesn't sound like such a good idea, first off, they DON'T LIKE going in the car, and secondly, we only have 3 cat carriers and 6 cats and we can't have panicky cats who don't like riding in cars LOOSE IN THE CAR!

So, I finally convince him that cats and car is not such a good idea and we go for our ride to look at the lights.

We get through our neigborhood and the light for no gas comes on in the car so we go to the gas station and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting, while Keith is filling up the car. He gets back in the car all mad because the gas pumps are not working right and it has taken all this time to pump 3 gallons into the car and they don't have Dept of Weights and Measures stickers on their pumps and he thinks they are trying to rip people off with their gas and this happened the last time he went to this gas station and he's never going there again.

Three gallons of gas won't get us far, so we have to go to another gas station to finish filling up the car. Then he gets back in the car and we drive off to go look for more lights and his nose starts getting all congested and he's trying to blow his nose while driving and I'm telling him to pull over because he is weaving all over the road trying to get his handkerchief out of his pocket and we end up in a festive holiday fight over him blowing his nose and almost crashing into parked cars. He is saying he doesn't feel good all of a sudden and he must be coming down with a cold and I'm saying well, let's just go home then because all the fun has been sucked out of our little jaunt anyway, so we go home. Ho, ho, ho.

So, maybe that could be part of our new holiday traditions, let's yell at each other on Christmas Eve over stupid stuff. That really gets you into that holiday spirit.

And, so now I am waiting for him to wake up because since IHOP is open today, I suggested making breakfast out part of our holiday tradition. Then after breakfast I will make mashed potatoes and deviled eggs for tomorrow's dinner down south, and later I will make baby chickens for our holiday dinner. You know, those little game hens, not real baby chickens. Not enough meat on those. We also got a carrot cake at Vons yesterday after the balls debacle so that we will have a dessert.

Ho, ho, ho...

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