Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Aftermath

Whew, another holiday season over and done with. Not that I really had to do much to prepare since our holidays are definitely low key around here. We did have a fun trip down to Linda's for the day. Not the driving part but the family getting together part was really nice. Keith took a few pictures, most of which didn't come out all that well, but here is a picture of part of the family with Jim looking as if he is either totally bored or taking a nap.

We decided that we are going to try and be a bit more festive next year, like getting a tree and doing something a little more special than our rather lackluster baby chicken dinner and sitting around the house Christmas Day that we had. Keith's mom would really like us to come to Las Vegas one of these years, so maybe if we start planning a whole year in advance we could actually save up enough money to drive out there for a day or two.

We were talking about getting a cat safe tree, no lights on it and either cat toys for decorations or cutting out paper decorations for it. Then we could watch the total destruction and not worry about them breaking anything.

I've got some new ideas for little art block things that can either hang on the wall or stand alone, I've seen them on Etsy and they seem to be popular. I tried to find precut wood for them but they are really really expensive so I showed Keith what I wanted to do and he said he could cut the wood himself and even put the little keyholes in the back for hanging with one of his super duper wood tool things that he's got out in the garage. Now, I'm just waiting for him to have the energy to get out there and do it. I'm trying to be patient but I'll probably end up nagging him about it. Cut my wood, cut my wood!

Here is what our cats do most afternoons. I was wondering if they could possibly spread out even more across the bed.


PussDaddy said...

We buy those shatter proof ornaments now. I am not sure filling a tree with cat toys is a great way to keep cats out of it, lol.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

I've been working on painted frames over here the last few days, just haven't had the right weather to photograph them.

I always feel like I need to 'figure out' the whole next year when it's coming up, but I'm going to try and just keep it one day at a time instead. oy!