Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I haven't posted yet this week because I can't think of anything much to post about.

We are boring.

Keith finished his big bottle of pills and had his follow up with the doctor at urgent care and everything is all well now with his eyeball. Except that some of his eyebrow hair fell out so now he looks a little odd with only half an eyebrow. One thing I like about the urgent care is that they didn't charge for the follow up visits. The regular doctor charges for follow up visits, so maybe we should just go to urgent care from now on.

Keith has also been a little stressed about the possibility of lay-offs at his work. Things are really getting slow there, this week he's not even doing his regular job because they have no work lined up. He's working in the coal silos helping to clean things up after a major coal spill. Apparently the conveyor belts that move the coal from the train cars into the silos broke but nobody noticed until the coal just kept falling off the conveyor belts instead of going into the silo where it belongs. He'd been doing shoveling and general cleaning up this week and kind of likes it for a change, the work is a lot more laid back that he's used to, and he was even able to sit in the control room and take a little nap yesterday.

We're still just trying to hang on here, hoping that next year things will start to look up, and let me tell you we are getting really really tired of penny pinching all the time! Frugality is good and all and it's almost fun to look for ways to save money, but after a year of doing this it's getting really old. I'd like to be able to go shopping again.

Speaking of shopping, the last time we were at Winco we checked out the area where they sell all kinds of basics in bulk, like flour, cereal, trail mix, etc. that are all in big bin things where you just put what you want in plastic bags. We're a little leery of buying things that who knows how many hands have been digging down into and exactly how sanitary is having big bins of food around anyway, but we did try some of the trail mix and I found a whole section of sugar free candies. I tried some malt balls and chocolate coconut stacks and they were really tasty, but I totally forgot that sugar free chocolate gives you incredibly, and I mean INCREDIBLY, bad gas. Bad.

Oh, and we finally have fall weather here, but no rain in the forecast. Now I can start complaining about being cold instead of my constant whining about how hot it is.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I hear you about being tired of how slow things are and penny pinching and the whole thing. It really drags you down after a while...

Hang tight, the holidays are near, and sales will pick up soon. ♥