Monday, November 2, 2009

The New Walmart is Here!!

But it's not that exciting.

When we first moved up here they were building a super walmart right off the freeway as you get into town. And then the building stopped and the empty walmart sat there. Big, ugly, empty. The construction was stopped by lawsuits and coalitions and whatever else, but finally enough bribes were paid or politicians wined and dined or with the failing economy the city wised up and realized that lots of jobs, even if they are underpaid ones, would be created if they finally let walmart finish the store and open it up. So they did. And it opened to crowds of walmart devotees waiting outside. Whoohoo!!

Seeing as how the new super duper walmart is clear on the other side of town from us I can't see us doing much shopping there, but we were curious and bored and had nothing, absolutely nothing better to do last weekend but to drive over and check it all out.

It was not worth the drive.

It pretty much looks like the walmart here, only newer, a little cleaner, with more checkouts, a bank, a nail salon, a hair salon, and the grocery store inside the walmart. We walked around the huge store which was incredibly crowded, it being a Saturday and the busiest day of the week for walmart shopping, and took a look around the grocery store part of it. We don't think we will be buying any food there after seeing packages of hamburger meat that was not the nice bright red color that fresh hamburger meat is supposed to be, but rather a pale pinkish gray with what looked like gray mold in spots on it. Seeing that could put you off eating hamburger meat forever. It was really really nasty. I'm sure it wasn't mold but probably pieces of cow vein and gristle, but whatever it was turned our stomachs, which just being in a walmart can do anyway.
I don't care how low the prices are, I'm not buying meat that has gray spots on it.

I'm a little afraid to buy perishables from walmart anyway, what with working there and seeing how things are stocked. Most employees are under so much pressure to get the job done and get those shelves stocked that taking the time to remove old moldy merchandise is not a priority. Did I ever tell you about the time I was stocking over in the snack aisle where the beef jerky and popcorn are? You know those big huge sausage stick things that are shrink wrapped and are about a foot long and I guess you open it up and slice off pieces to eat? Well, I found one that had been hidden at the back of the shelf so long that it had putrefied and swelled up with so much gas or whatever happens to putrefied sausages that the shrink wrap it was in had blown up like a balloon. Always check the dates on the food at walmart, folks, we didn't stock from the back there, just crammed the new stuff in front of the old!

Anyway, that was the highlight of another rather dull weekend here, Keith is still not feeling all that well, he's always tired and the meds he's taking give him a headache. He's got another week of pill popping to go and hopefully he will feel better by then.

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PussDaddy said...

If you have seen one Walmart you have seen them all basically. I don't like buying food there either. But you know, the same one's forming coalitions and storming town hall meetings will be beating a path to Walmart's doorstep after it opens. They always do.