Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Keith's got it.

Well, maybe not the flesh eating kind, but it looks like he's got a staph infection around his eye.

Over the weekend he noticed a red bump on his eyebrow that hurt, so of course he pokes around thinking that it's a pimple or an ingrown hair, doing his own brand of surgery that he does on anything unusual on his body. He's not one to leave things alone, he'll take tweezers or razor blades to things. I always yell at him for poking and prodding things that should be just left alone.

So, by Sunday afternoon his eyebrow is kind of puffy and hurts, and by Monday morning his eyelid is swollen and hurts, then by the time he gets home from work the whole area around his eye is really really swollen and really really hurts. We're thinking it's a bug bite or something and I suggest that he call the doctor but of course he doesn't.

Then he goes to work on Tuesday barely able to see out of that eye, calls the doctor from work and of course they have absolutely no openings at all and tell him to quit messing around and get himself to urgent care. He plans on leaving work at noon but of course can't get out of there until a few hours after noon, comes home and we go over to urgent care. After a very long wait, the doctor takes one look at his eye, which now has weird purple streaks on his eyebrow, and says 'mmm, looks like staph infection'. The doctor takes some samples from up inside his nose, because apparently staph can lurk in your nasal cavity (along with some other body cavities as we found out when we googled staph), gives him a big old shot of penicillin or something, and a prescription for antibiotics or something, then tells him staph can be very serious ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S AROUND YOUR EYEBALL!!

Then, he is told to come back in two days to make sure that the medicines are working, because staph is so very resistant and if one medicine isn't working, they have to try another.

But, his eye did look a lot less swollen yesterday, so we are hoping the medicine is working and we'll find out today if it was indeed staph, and hopefully it's not the flesh eating kind of staph.

And where did he pick up a staph infection anyway? Who knows, from what the doctor said and we googled, it's becoming more and more common and and you don't even have to go to the hospital to get it these days, any little scratch on your skin can get infected with staph, so wash well, folks!

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PussDaddy said...

I have no idea where I picked up my staph infection either. But I did somewhere. I am the only one who has it. I didn't do, see, talk to, or anything any differently than I always do. I guess it was just fate or something.