Friday, September 11, 2009


Keith pulled all of the assorted mice toys and jingle balls out from under the stove yesterday, so now we have mice all over the house until they once again get knocked under the stove.

Mice in a sandal.

Mice in the bathroom.

And one conveniently located by the food dish.

Mice all over the place.

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PussDaddy said...

I have to periodically go on a mouse/toy hunt and gather them all back up and put them back in the toy box. Yes, the kitties have a toy box, and it is funny to watch them go over and paw thru it and pick the one they want. When I am asleep, one of them will go get some and put them in bed with me. I have been waking up the last couple of days to the same stuff mouse and a little stuffed kitty toy.