Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Always Something

Let's see, this year we had two broken cars and had to buy a new car and a broken shower and had to fix that. We've been wondering what else would break that would end up costing us lots of money. Dishwasher? That I can live without, you can do dishes by hand. TV? That I can also live without, it's not like you need to watch Jerry Springer or crappy reruns of shows you were bored by the first time around. Air conditioner? That happened a few years ago, so, knock on wood, we should be good there for a little while. Washing machine? There are always laundromats for washing clothes, and if the dryer breaks, you can always string up a clothesline. Refrigerator? You kind of need one of those unless you want to live out of an ice chest. Which is what we are doing today.

Yes, yesterday afternoon I go to get some ice for my iced tea and what the heck? There is just water where the ice should be. And everything else in the freezer is melted. The refrigerator that Keith bought at Lowe's in their scratch and dent sale for $275.00 six years ago decided that we had gotten our money's worth and it was time to go to the big refrigerator dump in the sky. Yes, our refrigerator died yesterday. Along with all the food that was in it.

We used to have two refrigerators but gave the old one that I had brought up here with me to one of the neighbors earlier this year to make more room in the garage. And the neighbor moved so we can't ask for it back. So, no spare refrigerator and we're not calling a repairman on a $275.00 refrigerator because any repairs would probably cost more than the thing is worth. So, over to Home Depot and Lowe's last night to look at refrigerators. We were laughing about how we would get the thing home since we don't have a truck anymore and I suggested getting one of the big trolley things that they have for putting your lumber on and just pushing it home, stopping traffic so we could cross the street with it.

We priced the fridges at Home Depot and didn't see anything for under $1200 or so that we felt was worth the money, so over to Lowe's where we found a side by side with an icemaker in the door for $698. And it's an energy star whatever, too. They had other fridges for about the same money that weren't as nice so we decided to go with the side by side with the icemaker in the door thingie, which I've never had before. By the time they added on sales tax and extended warranty and all, it came to just under $1000, and good thing we have a Lowe's credit card with what was a zero balance on it. So, now we'll be doing the 'easy payment plan' on our new refrigerator which of course makes it twice as much by the time you are done paying for it. Eeeek.

They do offer free delivery and free haul away of your old fridge, so we didn't have to push it down Rosedale highway at least. But, that might have been kind of fun.


Jennifer said...

Thats where we bought our fridge and it is also a side by side with the ice maker and water dispenser. I think ours was $698 and we got it on sale. I love the free delivery and haul away!

PussDaddy said...

Mine died on me once too. I went to get a popsicle and it was water. Luckily we have a big place here called Nebraska Furniture Mart. We got a nice fridge and it didn't cost that much. It also doesn't make sandwiches, play music, or double as an exercise machine or anything. It just keeps stuff cold and or frozen. Of course I don't need a huge frige just having two people living here, though.


PussDaddy said...

I always wanted an ice maker, but when we would stay with my husband's grandparents and they had one, the ice to me tasted weird, so I decided I didn't want one after all.