Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, this weekend was our anniversary and my birthday ( I'm 54 yes I am old as dirt for those who were wondering) and we were trying to think of something fun to do that didn't cost a lot of money.

And we came up pretty much blank.

It was way too hot to think about taking a long drive anywhere, so thought maybe we could have lunch out and go to a movie or whatever. So, we went to the movies Saturday evening and saw Shorts, which was a complete waste of 21.00 to get in. Boring and stupid and we almost left in the middle of it. I guess if I were 12 it might have been fun, but since I'm not 12 it was just dumb. The trailers look amusing, but you know how trailers can make a movie seem pretty good, when in actuality you've just seen the only good parts of the movie in the trailer.

So, yesterday we decided to have an anniversary breakfast out since it's cheaper than dinner out and we had errands to run anyway, like buy stuff for lunches this week. So, Coco's for breakfast, then we stopped at the nursery down the road to see what was new (not much, it's the wrong time of year for new when it comes to plants and gardens) then got gas, went to the grocery store, and were going to go to walmart but after looking at the crazy parking lot said forget about it. By then it was already 100 degrees outside and I was getting hot and cranky and not feeling good at all. I took a shower to cool off and spent the rest of the afternoon reading and trying to take a nap but I'm not one for being able to sleep in the daytime.

Maybe by next year's anniversary the economy will be looking up and we can do a little better than a crappy movie and breakfast. Getting out of this town for a day or two would be nice, so if we start planning now and putting aside a few dollars here and there, maybe we can celebrate in much better style.

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PussDaddy said...

It was probably Coco's that got you the gas.


Happy anniversary!