Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Have Shower Capabilities and Other Randomness

After two days and countless trips to Home Depot, buying parts, returning parts, buying parts, returning parts, we have the ability to once again take a shower. You don't know how much you depend on something until it's broken, let me tell you. And, it's a good thing that Keith knows plumbing, or we would have spent THOUSANDS instead of 'only' next week's grocery budget on this little repair. Being without a shower was almost like the day we spent without a toilet, but not quite as bad. The day without a toilet is a whole other story, though.

Here is our $85.00 faucet, which was one of the cheap ones, believe it or not.

It is all wet because I just finished taking my first shower in a day or two.

This is the other side of the wall, where it was necessary to cut a hole in order to get to the pipes and all so that the guts of the faucet could be replaced.

Keith installed shut off valves so that next time the faucet needs replacing he won't have to shut off water to the whole house. This hole will eventually be covered up with a removable panel so that next time he won't have to cut another hole in the wall.

This repair took a long long time, with parts having to be cut, soldered, gooped, tightened, the piece of wood added to screw the whole mess to so that it wouldn't just be flopping around inside the wall. A long time, like two evenings worth, and Keith didn't get to take his shower until around midnight last night. And, as he was taking his shower, I noticed water spraying out from the hole in the wall because he forgot to tighten one nut.

Then, after working on the shower until midnight, he had to get up at 4 am this morning to go to work. I was trying to convince him to call in exhausted and not go to work today, but they don't have sick pay and he already used up his vacation days and we really can't afford for him to miss a day's pay. So, off he went in the dark this morning. But, at least he was clean.

My new bra is very uncomfortable. I got one that is cotton but it has the underwires and side support and all and it feels almost as if it is made of iron rather than cotton. So, that was a waste of $15.00 there.

Poor Harri the cat is so stressed out from Buddy and Lucy tormenting her by chasing her around the house that she has started to vomit whenever she sees them even thinking about stalking her. I've been trying to keep the squirt bottle handy so that I can spray them when I see that 'let's get Harri' look in their eyes.

They did a study that shows that texting while driving is dangerous. Duh. Why they have to pay someone to do a study of the obvious is beyond me. Do you think that this study will convince people to stop texting while driving? Maybe I should convince them to pay me to do a study on whether or not people give a crap that they are endangering other people's lives by texting while driving.

I need to go clean house, now. Not that I have any ambition to do much of anything these days, but at least I can take a shower after I get all sweaty from cleaning the house.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Guh. I hate it when you buy a new bra and it doesn't fit right.

But, I'm glad you got the shower fixed, and it didn't cost two arms and two legs.

What's the story with Harri? Did I miss something? Why are the kitties being mean to him?

geelizzie said...

DancingMooney-Harri's actually a she, and she is very timid and kind of nervous about everything. Buddy and Lucy just love to torment her by chasing her around the house every time she gets near them.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Ohhh gotcha! My pup Sarah is that way... bless the hearts of timid souls...