Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today Will be a Sweat Free Day

I am going to take it very very easy today and not do too much moving around or going outside into the heat. I don't want to sweat today because our shower is broken!

Here's the story. Yesterday I did a lot of cleaning, vacuuming the house, dusting all the books and knick knacks in the living room, and then scrubbing and cleaning all the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. Which makes me sweat. A lot. So much sweat that the scrunchie rubber band thing holding back my hair was sopping wet. Housework on a hot day just plain old makes me sweat a lot.
So, I took a nice cool shower at about 1pm yesterday. Then Keith came home and we had to run a couple of errands. Even riding in an air conditioned car makes me sweat when it's hot outside.

Then I had to fix dinner, which makes me sweat because of the hot stove and all, and I was doing a stir fry so I kind of had to hover over the hot stove. Even eating the dinner makes me sweat when it's hot outside.

After dinner I went over to Target because I have been living in the same five worn out bras for two years now and I really needed a new bra. I also wanted to look for a shirt to wear because I have also been living in the same 4 or 5 summer shirts for the past two years and they are getting really gross with sweat stained underarms because I, you know, SWEAT so damn much!

So, I found a bra and a couple of t-shirts to try on, which also makes me sweat and I really hate trying on clothes but hate having to return things that I didn't try on, get home to try on, and find they look like crap or don't fit. So, more sweating in the Target dressing room.

Back home and time for another shower. As I'm turning off the shower, the whole handle COMES OFF IN MY HAND! EEEK!

Keith spent an hour taking the handle thing apart to see if he'll be able to just buy parts to fix the handle, but of course everything is all messed up inside the handle so it will be a huge time consuming replacing the whole guts of the shower faucet type thing. Repairs around this house are never simple and end up taking hours and hours. He's going to have to cut a hole in the wall to get to all the plumbing to fix the handle.

We discussed the possibility of showering in the back yard with the hose, but I'm not sure that I want to stand naked in the back yard and shower with cold water from the hose, so I'm going to do my best not to sweat today and am hoping that he will be able to fix the shower sometime this evening. At least the toilet still works.


Campbell Jane said...

OH NO! That's awful. I played in the sprinklers yesterday and it was nice. If I were you I'd go ahead & use the hose or check into a hotel!

Anonymous said...

put on your bathing suit and play in the sprinklers!