Friday, May 1, 2009


Yesterday I decided to wash the sheets (yeah, I know, IT'S ABOUT TIME!) and change them out to our old set that is thinner and cooler for summer. Poor Keith spends all night tossing blankets and sweating, and since the cats tore a big hole in our window screen we haven't been able to have it open at night. Maybe we'll get it fixed by next summer, ha ha. Anyway, I made up the bed with the older sheets and tossed the newly washed and dried sheets on the bed to fold and put away, went back out to the kitchen for something, and by the time I got back to the bedroom (only about 10 feet away) little Mimi had made herself a little nest in the sheets.

Well, I didn't have the heart to move her, so I let her sleep on the sheets (probably covering them with cat hair, but what the heck) and she was so comfortable she spent the entire afternoon curled up there.

And see this big lump right by Mimi? That's Buddy in one of his favorite sleeping spots-under the covers. He goes to the side of the bed and crawls his way up under the quilt and sleeps where it's all cozy and dark. He was here for the entire afternoon also.


And in other nest news, the dove nest in my bike basket appears to have been abandoned. The dove was away from the nest the other day and Keith was working in the yard. He kept hearing strange pecking noises and found our big bad bluejay inside the nest pecking away at it, looking for an egg we assume. So, with the nest violated, the dove hasn't come back to it.

We did find another abandoned nest in a tree nearby. Hopefully our fat little dove friends will find a better hiding spot for their next nest.

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