Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Gardening

Budget living sometimes means choosing between food for the soul or food for our already well-fed bodies, but today we threw caution to the wind and got both.

This morning we drove over to a new nursery (flowers, not babies) that has just opened up down the road. It was amazing, you walk in on pathways that wind around the nursery grounds, benches and fountains amongst the plants, each area kind of themed, like the Japanese garden area, and even a rock stream that you cross over on a little bridge. So calming and peaceful (except for the traffic noise from nearby Rosedale Hwy, that is.) The many waterfalls and the stream helped soften the highway noise, though. We weren't really planning on buying anything, but we saw a flat of these:

and couldn't resist the almost neon color of these ice plant flowers.

And we found more, at prices equal to or maybe even better than walmart or home depot, and with a much more knowledgeable staff to help you choose. The plants are suitable for our extremely hot summer sun and will also survive the occasional frost in the winter. So, I planted these, Keith being Mr. Boss Me Around and making sure I planted them correctly (argh). I admit, I'm lazy and will just dig a hole and toss that plant in there and hope for the best, but he wants fertilizer and mulch and all kinds of other stuff put into that hole before any plant can possibly go in there. So next time maybe I'll just let HIM do all the planting!

Anyway, our yard is starting to look better and better, slowly but surely!

Here is what our front walkway is bordered with, these were planted 4 or 5 years ago.

And, yes, I planted these WITHOUT EXTRA FERTILIZER OR MULCH OR ANYTHING and they did just fine.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I love planting flowers in the spring, but it's up to my husband to keep them watered and alive! Ha!