Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Faith in Humanity

Has once again been restored by this latest news story from our lovely city of Bakersfield. This one will just really warm your heart.

The news showed a 12 year old boy who was born with some kind of paralysis in his lower body, making him unable to walk and needing a wheelchair. He had his legs kind of tucked up like when you sit cross legged, what we used to call Indian Style before that term became so politically incorrect. He almost looked like he had no legs from the back, he was getting around using his arms kind of like crutches to propel himself along while not in the wheelchair. They showed him riding a skateboard using his arms instead of his feet to push himself along, and also pulling his wheelchair up the front steps of his house. Why did he have to pull his heavy wheelchair up the front steps?


Yes, somebody came into his yard and stole his ten foot long by five foot wide metal wheelchair ramp.

Now, this sounds like it was not an easy thing to steal, and it's amazing that nobody saw a couple of people struggling down the sidewalk carrying this TEN FOOT LONG metal ramp, right?

This story disturbed me even more than the usual somebody else got shot and killed stories that are on every night. And it's probably good that the kid wasn't outside in his wheelchair when the ramp was stolen, they probably would have dumped him out and taken that, too.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We can't say "Indian Style" anymore?

Linda had to put a sign on her wheelchair ramp because she was afraid that someone would take it when she lived in that place downtown. Pretty amazing...

Anonymous said...

goodness. People are just rude!

I didn't know we couldn't say 'indian style' anymore either...