Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day!

And, coincidentally enough, it is also my daughter Jennifer's birthday! And, what's even more bizarre is that it is also my stepson James's birthday! cue twilight zone music here...

Now, the only reason that I can remember how old Jennifer is turning each year is that I am 20 years older, so if I can remember how old I will turn in August, then I can remember how old she will turn on May 10 each year. This will work as long as I can remember how old I am which is getting harder and harder (and more depressing) each year. For the curious, I will be 54 this year (I think, anyway), so that means that Jennifer is 34 this year, right? And, when Keith was struggling to remember how old James was turning and James finally had to tell him, I realized that he is 30 years younger than me, so that means he is turning 24 today. So as long as I can still figure out how old I am, I should be able to figure out how old James and Jennifer are. Maybe.

Now the ages of the other kids? Fuggedaboudit!! That involves trying to remember what year they were born and then having to do math, math not being my strong point. For instance, son Joe was born in 1981 and it is now 2009, so how old will he be turning this year? Um...hold on while I get my calculator. Okay, he'll be 28 this year. And as far as Keith's other two kids, I'm not too sure as to how old they are and I'm sure if I asked Keith he wouldn't know what year they were born right off the bat, but I'm thinking Katie is a year younger than Joe, so she'll be 27 this year and I'm thinking that Kelly just had her 21st. I guess I should keep their birthdays written down somewhere since I always have to remind Keith about the fact that his kids do indeed have birthdays every year.

Okay, and back to Mother's Day. It is kind of handy to have kids birthdays happening around Mother's Day each year so that it reminds you that Mother's Day is once again here. So, this year we went to get cards for everybody and Keith thought we were done after he picked out cards for his kids and I said wait, how about your mom and he said why do I need a card for my mom and I said hello, it's also Mother's Day! The birthday reminder thing obviously didn't work for him.

So, to sum it all up. Happy Birthday Jennifer!! Happy Birthday James!! Happy Mother's Day mom, Happy Mother's Day Keith's mom, and Happy Mother's Day to all the other moms out there! Or if it's your birthday, too, Happy Birthday!

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