Friday, May 8, 2009

Childhood Sandwich Trauma

Have you seen the new Jack in the Box commercial with the people on the shrink's couch crying about the trauma caused to them because of their lunch sandwich? Well, it really happens and is a REAL disorder. Keith has it.

When he was a little boy his mom would make egg salad sandwiches for his sack lunch for school, egg salad with so much mustard in it that his sandwiches kind of glowed like a neon light bulb. The other kids made fun of him for always having bright yellow egg salad sandwiches and started calling him names like Eggie. The kids who spoke Spanish called him Heuvos. And for sure nobody wanted to trade lunches with him. To this day he can't eat egg salad. Deviled eggs, yes, scrambled eggs, yes, but EGG SALAD? Absolutely not!

So, laugh at the commercial all you want, but CST (childhood sandwich trauma) really exists! And soon we will be starting a nation wide awareness and fund raising campaign to get people like Keith the help that they truly need. (If you would like to donate, email me and I'll send you my paypal information).

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Meghan said...

hahaahaha this story is really really funny. i love egg salad sandwiches. i was eating small egg salad finger sandwiches at a BBQ one year, and someone must have had some problems with the eggs because all the egg shells were in there!! i was traumatized.