Sunday, April 19, 2009

That Not So Fresh Feeling

When you have six cats and two huge cat boxes (we use the big plastic oil change pans for cat boxes, not those tiny things you find at the pet store) you deal with a lot of poop and pee. Similar to what people with multiple small children deal with on a daily basis. At least we don't have to wash diapers or wipe butts, though.

Anyway, lots of stinkiness every day. We had been using Scoop Away litter, which comes in a big plastic tub with a snap on lid. It smells good, works pretty well, and the tubs make great all purpose bins to store things in. All of the guys at Keith's work have cat litter tubs for storing their tools and junk now. It probably looks a little strange to see guys in uniforms carrying around cat litter tubs while they're doing their burly man work, but hey, cheap tool bins and recycling to boot!

The only thing bad about this brand of litter is that it creates a fine dust that gets all over everything. Good smelling dust, though. So, we decided to give a different less dusty brand a try and went with Tidy Cats, which comes in an even bigger all purpose plastic tub with a snap on lid. All is well, right?

Does anyone remember that cat litter commercial where the woman comes into a house, her nose wrinkles up, and she says (in a rather snotty tone) oh, you have cats...
Well, that's what our house was smelling like. Cat box. I'd be sitting doing something and my nose would wrinkle and I'd say oh, we have cats...stinky cats.

So, back to the dusty Scoop Away, and now our house smells better. It even makes the never ending job of cat box scooping not so bad, because now when I scoop, tiny scent crystals are released into the air, making everything smell not quite as stinky.

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