Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm having a spring clean sale in my shop until May 15! I'm doing my shop instead of spring cleaning my house-haha.

I'm trying new things for my shop, magnets and wood pendants instead of concentrating on soldered pendants. With the economy in ruins, I want to offer more affordable choices (impulse buys), plus the magnets and wood pendants are fun to make.

So, all of my old style glass pendants are half off. I'm still going to do glass pendants but am going to make a new style of reversible ones only.

Here's a sample of the sale pendants:

This size pendant was originally 11.00, now 5.50. I'm in the process of bringing all of these pendants over from my other sites and listing them on etsy these next few days, so there will be a huge sale section to choose from.

This is a sample of what's new-wood magnets and domino pendants:

And the new reversible pendants-this one is a little risque:

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