Friday, April 24, 2009

Door to Door Salesmen

Here's another reason why we have a 'no solicitors' sign on our door.

On Wednesday I was heading out to walk over to the post office and noticed what looked like someone trying to sell something knocking on a door around the corner. My first thought was 'good, I'll be gone for a little while and maybe when I get back he'll be done with our street'. So, later after I get back home, I see what looks like the same person knocking on the door of one of the foreclosed houses across the street and I'm thinking 'doesn't he notice how abandoned the house looks and obviously nobody is home?'. And if you come to my door, I'm just going to ignore you and not answer the door. I don't care if you are trying to sell candy or magazines to get you into college or help you stay off drugs, learn to read and if you don't know what soliciting means, look it up in the dictionary.

So, a while later, no knocking on the door and I don't see the guy at any other doors nearby, so I assume he's moved on to greener pastures. Greener indeed.

Yesterday I hear on the news that on the next street over a magazine salesman (I'm assuming the same one that I saw) knocked on a door and asked for a drink of water after the woman in the home turned down his sales pitch. The woman goes into her kitchen to get the water and the man FOLLOWS HER INTO THE HOUSE, PUSHES HER AGAINST THE COUNTER AND STICKS HIS HAND INSIDE HER CLOTHES! She 'protested' according to the news story, and he left. Police picked him up a few blocks over and arrested him for sexual assault and attempted rape.

Did he think she wouldn't call police and just went on his merry way knocking on doors?

So, now if I don't know you, don't expect me to open that door and listen to your sales spiel. I've done this before, just called through the door or window to whoever is there telling them that I don't open the door to strangers, but this really clinches the deal, DON'T FREAKING KNOCK ON MY DOOR!!.

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Jennifer said...

That's so creepy!! Whenever I am home by myself, if I have the front door open I keep the screen locked and there is usually something by the door for me to hit someone with. Plus Sierra does not like strangers and will make a lot of noise so most people that come to the door leave pretty quickly once she starts barking.