Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Sandwich

I never liked coleslaw. Growing up, the only coleslaw I had ever eaten was the slimy soggy vinegary stuff that was served in little paper cups in the elementary school cafeterias, and having to eat that mess totally turned me off of coleslaw. Until I ate some real homemade fresh crunchy tangy coleslaw many years after that school cafeteria experience. Yum.

So, a few years ago I was ordering lunch at a restaurant and decided to try the tuna and coleslaw sandwich and I was hooked. I've never seen it on a menu since, and the restaurant was in a town that isn't exactly convenient to go to for lunch, so I've been forced to make my own tuna and coleslaw sandwiches ever since. The restaurant one tasted better, like every food that you don't have to fix yourself does, but my version is not too bad.

For convenience's sake, I just get the bagged coleslaw mix and a bottle of dressing, mix that up in a portion just enough for a sandwich so that I don't end up with a bowl full of soggy coleslaw sitting in the fridge, and slap that on my sandwich instead of lettuce or whatever else you like on your tuna sandwich. It might sound strange, but the coleslaw adds just the right flavor to the tuna, plus gives you a little 'roughage' with your lunch.

It's good-try it sometime!


jomamma said...

Let me get this straight... do you put anything like mayo in the tuna or just put it on the bread dry?

I love tuna with cilantro, lime zest and lime juice and just a touch of mayo. YUMMMMM!

geelizzie said...

the tuna is mixed with mayo and whatever else you like in your tuna salad

Anonymous said...

So funny that you mentioned this, because when we went to the coast this weekend... their garden salads at the place we had lunch, were made of cabbage not lettuce, and I thought it was so weird until I took a bit. Crisp and crunchy, just like you said.