Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm armed and dangerous now!

I have the modern version of 'wonder' bread.

Vons had Progresso vegetable soups on sale for $1.00, so I'll have some of this for lunch and get some vegetables. Too bad it's loaded with sodium, but I'm too lazy to make my own soup.

And this new Sunsweet Plum Smart juice tastes really good, not like (ick) prune juice.

These fiber bars from Target taste good, but eat with extreme caution-there's so much fiber in these that they give you bad gas. Bad. So, don't eat the whole bar all at once.

And a big barrel of metamucil (not pictured, we all know what metamucil looks like). I've tried the Benefiber, which does dissolve really well, but I think they are tricking us and it's just a placebo, it didn't seem to do much for me.

I guess I could also get that yogurt that helps you go poop, but those commercials with Jaime Lee Curtis just annoy the hell out of me, so I'm boycotting the yogurt. I've tried that cheese that they have with the active cultures or whatever, but it just doesn't taste all that great, kind of dry and grainy. Cheese is not supposed to be dry and grainy.

And, in other news, I just wrote out the checks (ransom) to send to the IRS and the State of California. Very painful, but I've got to do my part and send all my money to the government so that they can spend spend spend!

Oh, and we might get some rain tonight and tomorrow. I know that's not big news in parts of the country, but here in California, rain is so unusual that we make a big deal out of it and all the news stations are on STORM WATCH!!! every time we get a few sprinkles.

And it got up to 87 degrees here yesterday. And of course I choose the hottest day yet to decide to bake cookies and heat up the kitchen even more. They came out good, though.


Lotta said...

The benefiber did nothing for me as well! I'm loading up as well. I've even got Fiber full pop tarts. Yum!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Well Jim just drinks a lot of beer and that works for him.
How about some real food? Like a grapefruit? A banana? Not that packaged shit. Oops - sorry, beer is packaged. Or move to Mexico. We poop like kings down here.


Jennifer said...

Why is my family so fasinated with poop? Jeremy goes so much that somedays I think I will have to add a 3rd bathroom just for him!!

jomamma said...

LOL Heather, you poop like kings because you live like kings... I've seen your shrimp! Red wine... keeps things moving. Have you tried those Plum sweets? The goodness of chocolate and the benefits of a dried plum (prune).

LOL I'm telling the hubby he should move to Mexico and poop like a king.