Friday, April 3, 2009

Going To See The Queen

We were watching the news the other night when they showed the Obamas going to meet Queen Elizabeth. The protocol involved in meeting the queen wasn't new to me, we had watched some special on how things are done in the old palace there a while back, so the whole rigamarole with being announced and all that didn't surprise me. I was surprised that Michelle didn't curtsy, and knew that big controversial news would be made out of that, and everything she did and said would be dissected beyond belief.

What does interest me is the fact that Queen Elizabeth always has her handbag dangling off her arm. Hey, she's at home, do you carry your handbag around with you when you are at home? We were wondering what she keeps in that ever-present handbag anyway, so I did a little googling on the subject.

Keith is convinced that she has a little flask of booze in there, but the unofficial official question and answer site for all things about the English royals says:
A comb, a hankie, a gold compact, and a lipstick. I guess she doesn't need a wallet for her ID and credit cards since we all know who she is and she has people who do her shopping for her. She does carry a little money on Sundays for the collection plate at church, but that's the only time she needs to have cash on hand.

So now you know what's in her handbag.


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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hey - that be MY queen you BE talking about!!!!!
Of course it's a flask.
Most likely full of Scotch.