Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally Some Rain

I could smell and see the rain coming yesterday afternoon. Dark clouds to the west of us and a sheet of rain coming towards us. The air smelled fresher.

And then, here it came, hard rain, thunder and lightning. Then I realized the hard rain was bouncing off the grass and was actually drops of hail, which only lasted for a few moments. Then thunder, which completely panicked all of the cats. We don't get thunder here very often and the little cats had never heard it before. Total chaos as six cats ran in six different directions looking for a place to hide from this horrible noise! The sky is falling! The world as we know it is ending! What to do!?!

Hide under the bed, that's your best bet guys!

So, we had three cats huddled under the bed and three cats in the garage hiding in dark corners out there. It took about an hour after the thunder stopped before they calmed down enough to venture back out from their hiding places. Scary stuff!

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