Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back Yard Progress?

Keith asked me this morning if I had taken any pictures of his work in progress in the back yard. Um, no...but if you want me to I will.

This is the project that he started last summer, building planter boxes and experimenting with wildflower seeds. An experiment that failed as far as the wildflowers went. So, this year no seeds, much easier to buy plants and flowers that are already established. What he's trying to do is build a patio so we can actually use the wasteland that our back yard was.

This is the side of the yard that he started last summer. We put a few plants in these boxes and he's trenching for sprinkler lines so we don't have to worry about watering.

And this shows the other side of the yard with the finished parts of the patio, the tool shed that still hasn't been painted, and the trenches for the water lines. Today he's working on spreading the gravel to put more pavers down. We've been buying the paver bricks a little at a time to spread out the cost more. Cheaper this way than having concrete poured (or trying to do it himself).

Maybe by next summer it will be finished? But, I'm not holding my breath. Keith is a perfectionist and it takes him a long time to finish something (if ever!).

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Anonymous said...

I love all the signs and things you have hanging on your fence. It takes a while for some projects to get done... *sigh*... but I bet you'll have one cool yard when it's all done!