Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cat Pictures

I was just cleaning up my picture files and can't remember if I've posted some of these, so bear with me, sit down, shut up, and look at my cute cats!

This is the one and only time Mimi squished her little self under this very short not much room underneath it bookshelf.

And the back of our new sofa has these pocket like things so that you can recline the seat. Of course, every cat has had to investigate.

And, here Mimi is up on the rolled up blinds. She hopped from my shoulder onto the top of the dining room hutch, then up onto the blinds, and then didn't really know how to get back down.

Hey, wait, all these pictures are of Mimi, let's see if I can find some of the other numerous felines.

Here's Lucy in one of her favorite sleeping spots-precariously perched right on the edge of the counter. She likes it even more if there is a magazine or towel or something there to also lay on.

Here's Buddy just hanging.

And, last, but definitely not least in the round belly department, here's Bear showing off her amplitude.

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Fidget said...

i dont think i could deal with cats just turning up wacky places like that, dogs are far more predictable