Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Train Show

Keith had a good time at the train show on Saturday, buying magazines and books and some train cars for his train set that he will build 'someday'. Someday after he finished the HOUSE!!

He saw son Joe there, the train club that Joe belongs to was putting on the show, and after the show they had an open house at their train club, so we went over there Saturday night to check out the layouts. They have two floors filled with trains in this funky old downtown building. Very impressive! Sorry, didn't take the camera, so no pics, but the layouts were HUGE!

Keith wanted to go back to the show on Sunday, so I tagged along, mainly to see the layouts he had told me about. The circus town is really fun, this huge layout that depicts a small town with a circus parade and big top. Joe said the layout is built on a trailer, so the people just haul it around to different shows. And here are some pics!

I've always been fascinated with miniatures, but just don't have the patience to make something small, and definitely don't have the money for dollhouses or anything like that, so it's fun to see scenes like these.

Here is a house on fire in one of the other layouts.

And, just to prove that son Joe is still alive and well:

We probably should have had him hold up a newspaper with the date on it or something!


Anonymous said...

Hey look at you on Bonanzle!

Jennifer said...

Wow he is looking more like dad every time I see him or a picture of him. Did you take him any of his Christmas presents from the past few yers?

Meghan said...

wow. glad to see he's alive. was that crazy lady he's linked to there??!?!?

Jennifer said...

I told Emily to come look at Joe's picture and she said he looks like a leprachan. This coming from the same kid who locked Joe in a room at my dad's because he would not play with her!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Those minitures are sooooo cool! I could stare at them for hours.
Your kid is cool too - glad he is still alive...