Monday, March 16, 2009

Foo Foo Food

I went grocery shopping yesterday, leaving Keith at home. Taking your husband with you to the store is like taking small children who fill up the cart with stuff just because the package looks good or you get a prize inside. In other words, you end up buying a bunch of crap that sits in the cupboard or fridge until next time you clean said cupboards and fridge out and throw away all the expired food.

So, not taking the husband results in not spending as much.

But, I did waste $4.99 on this magazine that I put in the cart because, well, because the package looked good and it promised a prize inside with ways to save money at the supermarket. Note to self: save money by NOT ever buying this magazine again.

I've never watched the Rachael Ray show, and I'm sure she has many fans who enjoy cooking her fancy foo foo menus, complete with the oh so cute EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) that every recipe seems to call for. Obviously lots of people must read this magazine or it wouldn't still be on the newsstand, but I'm just not impressed. I like my food a little less 'gourmet' I guess.

I was flipping through the magazine and came across this picture of what's supposed to be healthier for you nachos. Keith glanced over and said 'what the hell is that, it looks like vomit!'

I don't like broccoli, I know it's good for you and all, but even the smell of it is totally disgusting to me, so nachos with broccoli on top of them is just a waste of nachos. Give me unhealthy nachos loaded with beans and cheese and damn the calories!

And what's up with this fried egg on a salad nonsense?

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