Friday, March 20, 2009


Slow slow slow. My online shops have been slower than molasses this past week or so. It's hard to get motivated to make new stuff when nothing is moving. I'm trying to think of other ways to make money without having to go back and cashier at walmart.

So, after following all the news about octomom and seeing all the other families that cash in on their kids and have reality tv shows, I was wondering if I could pitch a show about having six cats. Don't you think that would be as exciting as watching octomom on radaronline bitch about her mother and how the paparazzi are driving her crazy and terrorizing her kids? The whole time having tons of photographers and videotapers in her home while she's bringing the brand new fragile little preemies home? Sorry, I swore that I'd never rant about this weird woman, but after seeing some of her 'online diary' on radaronline, it just confirms my suspicions that this woman sees her babies as an untapped gold mine. Who in their right mind would allow a living room full of people taking flash pictures and videos while bringing home new babies from the hospital? Someone who *isn't* in her right mind and is charging these photographers BIG BUCKS to take said pictures.

So, if octomom can do it, why not have a reality show about life with six cats?

Watch as they poop fifty times a day. Watch as mom scoops poop fifty times a day. Watch as Buddy terrorizes Bear and Harri by chasing them around the house when they least expect it. Watch as Pepper snarls at anyone who gets too close to her. Watch as Lucy gets back at Buddy for being such a bully and backs him into a corner. Watch as we shop for numerous cans and bags of cat food and huge tubs of cat litter. Watch as Mimi jumps onto my shoulders while I am trying to brush my teeth or fix dinner. Watch them sleep. Sounds exciting, huh? About as exciting as most of those other reality shows I think.

Oh, and speaking of reality shows, there is one that I'm totally hooked on, embarrassed as I am to admit it. It's called Jail and comes on after Street Patrol, which is sort of a Cops type show, only a little more graphic. Jail shows what life is like inside, you guessed it, JAIL. I'm always kind of surprised that people would actually allow themselves to be filmed on this show in their worst moments in life, like being arrested for prostitution or falling down drunk, but I guess everyone wants their 15 minutes, no matter what. Plus, I guess they get paid for it, and money is a good motivator to get people to do stupid things, that's for sure.

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