Saturday, March 21, 2009

Are People Really This Stupid?

Silly question, right? Yes, people really are stupid, so stupid that we need to have warning labels on everything we buy.

I got these Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers to clean the shower, thinking that maybe I'd clean it more often if I had some action scrubbers to clean it with. So, this morning I opened up the package in preparation for some action cleaning of the shower, and thought maybe I should read the warning label on the package. Good thing I did, because damned if you're not supposed to use these things 'for personal hygiene, dishwashing, OR AS A BABY WIPE!'

I can just hear the conversation that lead up to having to put this warning on the package.

'Hon, we don't have no more baby wipes and little Bubba's got a big load in his diaper. Can you run down to the Stop and Shop and pick me up some baby wipes?'
'Oh, hell, hon, I ain't got my check yet this week and I spent the last of my money on beer, can't you find something else to wipe him up with? I can't go to the store right now anyway, WWF is on TV!'
'Oh, alright, let me see what else we have. Hey, these action scrubbers might do the trick, lets give one of these a try! Oh, crap! Bubba's butt is covered in blisters and he won't stop howling! Better run him down to the free clinic and see what's wrong with him.'
'Damn, those action scrubbers are just stripping the skin right off his butt! I'm gonna sue the hell out of those people, they should have told us not to use these as a baby wipe!'

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