Friday, March 13, 2009

Oddities on Etsy

I haven't done a strange finds on etsy for a while, and have been saving these finds for just the right time. Now is the right time since there's not a whole lot else going on around here other than the usual sometimes cleaning the house, our regular Thursday night dinner out at Spencers, scooping cat poop, and working on stuff for etsy. Hopefully my stuff is not as strange as this stuff:

These are 'earrings' that go in those big ear holes that are popular these days, but oh, so creepy. And what happens as these kids get older and want to get a real job but have these huge droopy earlobes? Plastic surgery to close up these giant size holes in their ears?

These things make me feel a little queasy.

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jomamma said...

I wonder the same thing... what if they run out of the house some morning and forget to put their earrings, or what ever it is they use to fill the voids, and then they get tangled in the bushes and pecked to death by enraged mocking birds.... don't they think about this kind of stuff before disfiguring themselves? Can they ride motorcycles with those lobes flying in the wind?