Monday, March 2, 2009

Has Anyone Else Noticed

That the prices of stuff you need for everyday living have gone up a lot? I don't keep track of what I paid last week for laundry soap or anything, but while shopping this weekend for groceries and cat litter, it seems like the stores have been sneaking up the prices hoping that we won't notice or something. We needed cooking oil, not something that we use a whole lot of, but it seemed like the prices had gone up by a couple of dollars since the last time we bought it.

And, I'm supposed to take fish oil capsules four times a day and am getting low on my supply, so was checking the prices planning on getting a new bottle at Target yesterday. $20.00 for a bottle of 100 capsules? Huh? I seem to remember getting the huge mega bottle of thousands of capsules for about $10.00 a few months ago, what happened?

Not to mention the price of toilet paper going up. Since Montgomery Wards went out of business, we can't hang the catalog in the outhouse so we really do need to buy toilet paper.

And, in other exciting news, we had a high of 86 degrees yesterday. It didn't seem that warm since it was breezy and overcast, but it sure was nice to have the windows and doors open and to not have to wear long sleeves. All of the trees have been blooming, spring comes early in these parts!

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