Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Day Is It?

Do you ever wake up and have to actually think about what day of the week it is? They all just kind of melt together because they're all just kind of the same? I think it's Wednesday but I'm not sure about that.

I got something almost too good to be true in the mail yesterday. I had been storing a bunch of ink cartridges from my printer because I was too lazy to take them wherever to be recycled. My old printer had refill ink that came with little pre-paid envelopes to send them back but when it died and I replaced it with a new and better printer the ink didn't have those little envelopes so I just threw them into plastic bags and into a drawer. Well, a few months ago I finally packed them all up and took them to Office Depot looking for a recycle bin. But, if you take them to Office Depot and get one of their 'rewards' cards I was told that I'd get a gift card for money back on them, but I couldn't bring more than 5 cartridges a day in. So, over the course of a few weeks, I brought my ink in 5 at a time, and then kind of forgot about the promised rewards.

And, son of a gun, in the mail comes a gift card for Office Depot for over $70.00!! I'm looking at this gift card just thinking 'is this really worth what it says and there's no other catch to it?' I'm going to go over there today and stock up on some ink and see if the card really works. Too bad they don't sell groceries at Office Depot!

And on another topic, I've always heard that cats will watch TV and you can even buy videos for your cats to watch when they're bored. However, I had never observed any of our six watching TV, except for the one time when a cat on TV was meowing really loud and Lucy kind of freaked out looking for the meowing cat in the house, but the other night Buddy actually laid beside me and watched TV with me. There was nothing on TV worth watching (what a surprise) so I had put in one of the BBC's Planet Earth DVD's and Buddy was watching the animals. I was kind of afraid that he might leap at the TV, but he was very good and just sat there and watched for about 15 minutes until he got bored. If you've never seen it, the Planet Earth series has the most amazing nature cinematography I've ever seen. A great boxed set and well worth the $60.00 or so that it costs. Hmmm, wonder if they got an Oscar for it?

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Anonymous said...

Heck yes it works! Staples does the same thing, and they give you 10% back on your rewards card for buying ink too... so it adds up... Yahoo!!


Have fun shopping!