Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Weatherman

Well, actually the weatherwoman. Was actually correct in her prediction yesterday. Rain. I never believe the weather reports until I see the rain falling with my own eyes. Too many times we've been promised the 'storm of the century' and seen nothing more than a few sprinkles.

But, yesterday we got quite a bit of rain for these parts, and we actually had snow in some parts of the county. The little town of Taft, which is nestled against the foothills, had snow on the ground and the news showed cashiers from a discount store out playing in the parking lot. McKittrick also had snow on the ground, and like the woman they interviewed on the news said, usually all you see in McKittrick is dirt so it was nice to see snow. I've been to McKittrick and she's right, it's just dirt and oil fields, not much to look at in that little town. The most interesting thing in that town is the 'Penny Bar' that's in the old hotel there. The entire bar is covered in pennies-the floor, bar, walls, even the TV is entirely covered in penny mosaics. It's one of those way off the roadside attractions that you could probably live your whole life without seeing, but if you ever find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in McKittrick, be sure to stop on by.

Other than a little rain, not much happening around here, I woke up early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so maybe I'll get some cleaning or something else constructive done today.

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