Thursday, February 12, 2009

Male Bonding

I guess it's a boy thing. Buddy just loves Keith and has to have his bonding and cuddling time each day. Either that or it's a funky boy smell thing.

And, in other news, our neighbors across the street moved out and left their cat behind. It's not like these people couldn't afford to take the cat with them, they have two little house dogs that went with them, and they drive new cars, took a vacation to Hawaii last year, and the new house they are renting is ON A GOLF COURSE! But, no, I watched them move, come back for more loads, come back again a week or so later, come back again to clean out the garage, and each time the cat was still wandering around outside after they left. Keith even confronted the man last time he was here and was told that 'oh, yeah, my wife's going to come get the cat.'

Nope, the Mrs never did come to get this poor confused animal who's wondering what happened to her humans and continually goes to the front door hoping someone will let her in. Keith's been taking food over for her and the neighbor next door to the now empty house also feeds strays in his back yard.

It's a cute little orange kitty, about 8 or 9 months old, small (and skinny now), with a tail that looks like it got broken, she's got this strange bend about 3" from the end of her tail. Of course, Mr. Softy Keith wants to keep her, but we can barely afford to feed the six we have these days, much less disrupt their lives by adding another cat to the mix. Outdoor cats also usually have worms and other parasites that we don't want our cats to get. So, sorry, Keith, no more kitties. We can't save them all.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Just say NO!
Isn't there someone you can report these people to? The "Prevention of Cat Deserters" or someplace? As much as I am not a cat person, that isn't very kind...