Thursday, February 5, 2009

How NOT To Photograph Earrings for Sale

I saw this listing on shophandmade yesterday. Well, actually this seller's entire shop. This is a lesson in how not to photograph your earrings, at least if you want someone to actually consider buying your earrings.

Do not under any circumstances photograph your earrings hanging from a plastic tub that you keep your beads in. It just looks tacky and lazy. You must have a coffee mug or bowl or something else you could hang your earrings from. Or just lay them on a piece of colored paper, if you don't have a single glass or coffee cup in your house. This looks like you just grabbed the first thing on your workbench because you were too lazy to go into the kitchen and find something else. I know people are used to seeing lazy blurry photos on sites such as Ebay, but if you want to sell handcrafts, you've got to take a better picture.

In other topics, I had the most bizarre dream last night, which included dead bodies, dead bodies turning into vampires and zombies, a college campus, trying to find something to eat in a cafeteria at the college campus, a craft show on the college campus, forgetting where we parked on the college campus, and a ring that turned into a tiny TV screen and had strange 3D evil things coming out of it. The plot of the dream was something to do with a final battle with evil and also included people from my high school. High school was about 35 years ago, I don't know why these people were turning up in my creepy strange dream.

We are also having strange weather here. While the rest of the country has been freezing under ice and snow, we've had record high temps, yesterday the high was 85. Today, it's really windy and we're supposed to get some rain. I never believe the forecast until I actually feel some raindrops. We've been promised rain before and all we get is the equivalent of a five year old with a squirt gun.


jomamma said...

That's it! I just thought "her stuff is really cute..." your stuff is really cute but the way you showcase it has a WHOLE lot to do with it. Amazing... I'm not a sales person... you want it? How much will you give me for it?

People are always asking me if I'll knit them a sweater. Oh they offer to pay for the yarn and pay me.... I tell them to head on down to Neiman Marcus and check out the price of a hand knit sweater. And then if they are ready to pay we'll talk. I tell them knitting is a labor of love. When I knit you something and present it to you then you know I really like you. I consider you my friend... a good friend. I don't want anything in exchange... just friendship. I have family members who have NEVER gotten a knitted item from me. My mother only got one knitted sweater from me... she didn't wear it, nuf said.

Your sister is in line for a pair of socks.... I know she'll wear them, on those rare days when it cools off in the evenings.

Anonymous said...

Till this day I still have dreams of needing to study for tests, and getting awful homework done before class starts (because I hadn't done it yet). Needless to say, school wasn't always the most fun, and I'm glad it's 'just a dream' now... hehee.