Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hamburger not such a Big Help

When Hamburger Helper first came out I seem to remember it actually tasting kind of good, kind of like the mac and cheese comfort food kind of good. I hadn't made Hamburger Helper in years but have been craving it for some reason (maybe my body is telling me it needs extra preservatives and chemicals or something), so I bought some Hamburger Helper in the potato stroganoff flavor and the cheesy hash brown whatever it's called flavor. A few weeks ago we had the potato stroganoff one and I should have been clued in right then and there that Hamburger Helper just ain't what it used to be. The potatoes were still kind of hard and the sauce runny, but it was edible. Just barely edible.

So last night, in my extremely lazy state, I decided to give the cheesy hash brown flavor a try. If I had only NOT put the cheesy sauce on top we might have been able to eat it. I don't know who was working in their test kitchen the day that they decided putting a neon orange fake cheese sauce that tastes absolutely vile on top of the whole mess was something that the public might like to eat, but that cheese sauce was the absolute nastiest. When you take one bite of your economy dinner and throw the whole mess into the trash can, something is wrong there. Ugh.

The conversation went like this:

'this stuff is really nasty!'
'I've never tasted anything so bad!'
'you mean poor people have to eat this all the time?'
'yeah, and they can't even afford to add the hamburger to it!'

Ugh and double ugh! Don't try this at home!

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Meghan said...

I eat HHelper a lot... And I once got the potato stroganoff, and I love stroganoff, and I couldn't eat it. It was terrible. I suggest getting the regular kind of stroganoff, not the potato. It's much better.