Thursday, February 26, 2009


It must be something about getting older but it seems like whatever I eat gives me indigestion and/or gas. Everything. Today I had yogurt and peanut butter toast for lunch. I feel terrible. And it wasn't even that yogurt that helps you go poop that I ate-you know, the one that Jaime Lee Curtis does the interviews with previously constipated people about. Now tell me YOUR story. Well, Jaime, I was always 'not so regular' until I started eating this yogurt and now, well, everything just whooshes right out of me!

Now, that yogurt would probably give you indigestion and gas because of all of the regularity inducing enzymes or whatever is in there that helps you go poop, but my yogurt was just regular yogurt, albeit the 'light' yogurt with the fake sugar in it. Hey, that's probably what gives me the indigestion right there, the fake sweetener stuff. Okay, mystery solved.

Either that, or it's just a symptom of being middle aged and your stomach and innards are tired of being mistreated for so many years and now all they want is plain oatmeal and dry toast and maybe a banana here and there.

Oh, and here are some cute kitty photos (or at least I think they are cute, it's probably like when people show you pictures of their kids and you just have to smile and nod and go 'oh how cute'.

Mimi and Bear were laying in the sun and Bear was taking care of 'her baby'.

And here's Buddy sound asleep on top of the shelves.

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