Friday, January 9, 2009


I did clean the living room and even dusted all the knick knack/glassware/dishware stuff on the cupboard in the dining area. I can't call it the dining room since it's just a corner of the living room, since the people who built this house apparently thought that just one not so big room would be just fine for both living and dining.

We went to Spencers for our weekly tortilla soup night dinner last night, our little way of helping the local economy, or at least that's our justification for spending $30.00 on a dinner out. It was really drizzly last night, heavy fog or whatever, and the windshield wipers in the truck haven't been working right for a long time, so it was kind of interesting driving over there. When we got home Keith tore the wiper motor apart and kind of duct tape fixed it so it works now. We were picturing him driving to work this morning with his head hanging out the window madly squeegy-ing off the windshield with one hand while the other hand is trying to steer.

We stopped in at Target to pick up a few things and an end cap of frying pans attacked me and made me buy one. We've been using one of those '3 pans for 5.00' type sets that are thin and warped and have no non stick left on them for quite a few years now, so I got one good frying pan to try out and if I like it I'll go back and get a few more. The label on the pan has a caution that has me a little perplexed, though. 'For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen. Birds' respiratory systems are sensitive to many kinds of household fumes, including the fumes from extremely overheated non-stick pans.'

Huh. Apparently there are a lot of bird owners that let their birds fly around the kitchen while they are cooking and somebody's bird got killed by frying pan fumes so they have to put this warning on the pan label.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Hmmmmm... you think it was the fumes? Maybe the bird left a dropping in the pan and the owner then killed the bird? What are the fumes doing to us? And you are going to EAT something out of that pan, that fumes came out of and killed a bird?