Friday, January 2, 2009

One More Resolution

I'm going to try and blog about something every day. But I'm sure it will be boring. And I'm going to list what I get done each day, too. Which will also be boring.

First off, I can't wait until Brian Williams comes back to the Nightly News next week. How dare he take a two week vacation!!

And, speaking of the nightly news, they had a story tonight about Pilots n Paws, an organization that matches up private pilots and rescue or shelter dogs that need transportation to other states, whether to go to an interim shelter while waiting to be adopted or to new forever homes. I love stories like that, they kind of counteract the news of war and economic woes.

Oh, and Merle Haggard got his very own star on the Walk of Fame. No, not the one in Hollywood, but the one right here in Bakersfield in front of the historic Fox Theatre. What, you didn't know that Bakersfield has a Walk of Fame? Neither did Merle, and when he asked who else had a star, they told him that he was the first one! I'm sure Buck Owens will get a posthumous one here soon. And maybe even Dwight Yoakum, who played the New Year's Eve show at Buck Owens Crystal Palace. Someday we're going to go eat at the Crystal Palace, I can't believe we've been here five years and haven't done that yet.

So, what did I get done today?

I washed the sheets and EVEN PUT THEM BACK ON THE BED!
I vacuumed the bedroom and EVEN CLEANED THE TOILET!
I made dinner.
I took my walk.
I ate my apple.

That's all. Don't know what I did the rest of the day.
What did I do the rest of the day?

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