Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Guess You Had to Be There

So, we watched the Dick Clark's Rock in the New Year or whatever the heck it was called last night. During commercials we switched over to the Carson Daly or however you spell his name and who the heck is he anyway's show. The Dick show was sort of annoying with that blonde idol singer what's her name interviewing people on the street and Ryan Seacrest doing whatever it is he was doing. I really dislike loud announcers, but at least they were a little more animated that the Carson guy. He has absolutely no facial expressions and speaks in a monotone.

I did like the boy band The Jonas Brothers, I'd never heard them sing before and they do have talent. No wonder all the 12 year old girls are gaga over them. Just like the teen idols of my day, they are baby faced and unthreatening and even their Dads would be impressed with these clean cut young men.

The dropping of the ball was very anticlimactic as far as I'm concerned, which is why I guess you'd have to actually be there. It just doesn't translate that well on TV.

We also saw a couple of motorcycle guys jump over things in Las Vegas.

That was our exciting New Year's Eve.

We caught the tail end of the Rose Parade today, I kind of wished I'd remembered that it was on and watched it, what we saw of it was pretty impressive. We liked the Jack in the Box disco float the best. I'd never noticed before how they have the people on the float tethered to poles, guess they don't want anybody falling off in mid ride, but that would kind of make the whole thing more of a spectator sport as far as I'm concerned. They could take bets on how many float riders would splat on the pavement each year.

The ice hockey game from whatever baseball field in Chicago is also on today. Keith says that so far it's a good game, they've already had three fights. Kind of like auto racing, you really watch it in hopes of seeing a big wreck on the track.

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