Saturday, January 31, 2009


I finally got off my lazy behind and took a shower this morning. And cleaned the shower at the same time.

Shower cleaning is one of my least favorite of my least favorite household chores and I usually put it off as long as possible or make Keith clean it. But, then I feel guilty at making Keith clean it, since after all, he's the only one with a real job around here and he works really hard all day, so the least I could do is clean the shower once in a while. So, I brought the Scrub Free and a sponge in with me and in between shampooing my hair and shaving my legs (that doesn't happen that often, either) I scrub freed that shower.

Lucy had to come and inspect to make sure I did a good job.

I don't think she's all that impressed with my housekeeping skills, and she's wondering why I haven't cleaned her cat box yet this morning instead of wasting my time washing myself with water. What's wrong with using your tongue like we do?

I guess I really should follow up the shower cleaning with a good toilet scrubbing now.

And speaking of showers, can cheap shower gel from China give you a yeast infection? I bought one of those bath gift sets from walmart that was on sale after Christmas (I'm a sucker for those gift sets, even though the stuff inside is crap and you probably should refrain from using bath products from China because God knows what they put in them, and, after all, remember the puppies and kittens they poisoned with contaminated pet food) and was using the shower gel, and son of a gun if I didn't get a yeast infection. I haven't had that itching and burning down there sensation in about ten years, so I'm really wondering what set that off. So, the cheap shower gel got tossed in the trash can since I really don't want to experiment any more to see if that is indeed what gave me the infection.

(It's better now, thanks to whatever that stuff is called that you inject up in there to clear things up)

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