Monday, January 12, 2009

Budget Woes

Besides all of our personal budget woes in this ever deepening recession, the State of California is rapidly going broke. There was an article in the Sunday paper about how Governor Arnold (gotta call him by his first name because nobody can spell his last name) is asking that two of the state paid holidays be eliminated in an effort to save money. State workers currently get fourteen (14) yes, FOURTEEN paid holidays per year. I didn't even know that there WERE fourteen holidays per year, let alone that state employees got what amounts to two weeks paid days off per year on top of whatever regular vacation days they get. In addition to the usual holidays that most companies give their employees, state workers also get Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday (which everyone else rolled into President's Day) Cesar Chavez Day, and Martin Luther King Day. Come on, now, Columbus Day? Seriously? Not even the schools close for Columbus Day anymore.

But, the state workers unions are fighting this proposal tooth and nail. What, give up a paid day off (paid for with all of California's taxpayers money, by the way) to help our state save money? Hell, no (we won't go)!

Come on, state folks, would you rather lose two totally unnecessary paid holidays or lose your job when the state runs out of money and has to start laying people off? Or, keep those paid holidays and get paid for them with an IOU?


Grrr...rant over.

I actually got a lot done yesterday, including vacuuming, doing ALL the laundry (okay, one load is still in the dryer) and even trying out a new recipe for dinner. The recipe didn't turn out all that great, but at least I tried something new and we didn't throw in the towel and just go out to eat.

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Meghan said...

What day in the year is Ceaser Chavez day anyways?!?!? RIDICULOUS!