Friday, December 5, 2008

New Used Workbench

About 3 or so years ago, Keith and I bought a workbench for $10.00 from a company that was either going out of business or getting new workbenches, something like that, with the intention of putting this workbench in my workroom. Three years ago. Well, like many well laid plans of mice and men, and so many other projects begun but not finished, this workbench took up space in the garage for those 3 or so years.

Until last weekend, when Keith chopped and sawed and transformed this $10.00 workbench into a functioning piece of equipment for my creative endeavours. He built a bottom shelf, reinforced the formica top, and even cut a round hole in the top for cords to go through. And presto chango, only 3 years in the planning, my new workbench.

Complete with studio cat.

All of the little cats have found my stool to be an excellent napping spot, which sometimes necessitates in nap disturbing when I'd like to sit and work. Pepper hasn't tried this stool yet, mainly because it's a little too high for her fat little body to jump.

And, in other breaking news, that old bitch karma certainly came around to bite OJ Simpson in the ass, now didn't she? 15 years! HA! He got away with murder, but this time around the invincible is not so invincible any more. I'm sure he'll waste more of the taxpayers money in endless rounds of appeals, though. If you've ever seen that show Jail they have one episode where it shows him being booked into jail in Las Vegas after his little crime spree. I'm embarrassed to admit that I like to watch that show, but it's pretty entertaining sometimes.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I just read about OJ on the internet. Karma!!!
Yeah, those kinds of projects that never get finished (or finished 3 years later) happen in this household (boathold) too...